Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Moving On Up... To the Fast Lane!

So if you know me at all, you know that my tri weakness is swimming. I may have a great stroke and I may be able to go forever, but when push comes to shove, I am SLOW. Even after three years during which my bike and run have improved immensely, I am still just an average swimmer. My biggest fear for Beijing is being the last woman out of the water and running into transition to see my bike... and no one else's. Because they all already left.

I joined DAM about four months ago, but just recently started attending practices regularly. I like the coaches and I love being able to swim with other people. But I'm still pretty slow.

However, just two days ago... I GOT MOVED UP A LANE!!!!!

Commence applause.

Ok, ok, so I just got moved up to the slightly-less-slow-lane (I know, the title of my post was deceiving), but still. And I'm staying there! I've been there two days in a row and I'm going back today. Yesterday I even learned the names of my lane-mates. So I am officially a member of the sub-2:00-100's lane. Yeeeees.

Buck and I celebrated last night at El Fenix with margaritas (for me) and tres leches cake. Ok, maybe that was more because it had just been a long day at work and I have the best boyfriend ever, but I'm going to go ahead and count it as celebration as well.

I booked the hotel for River Cities and my plane ticket for the IronKids National Championship post-Beijing. Can't believe I'm looking forward to a time when it will have already happened! Seems like just yesterday I had a year to go. But it's coming!!!!!

Happy training everybody

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